Overview of Resources


GRAS2P is not another audit standard; it is a program to help prepare growers for independent, third-party food safety audits - specifically, USDA GAP & Global G.A.P.

As a member of WSHA, there are numerous resources available to you through GRAS2P:

  • GRAS2P Guidance Manual
  • Training WorkshopsConsultations and Audits
  • Mini-topic Workshops or Webinars
  • Posters for your Workplace
  • Educational and Training Videos

GRAS2P Poster of Posters and DVD
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GRAS2P Grower Training Video Available
A GRAS2P Grower Training video for Global Gap V3 on-site orchard certification is now available covering:  All Farms, Crop Base and Fruits and Vegetables.  Click here to view the video